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Privacy Policy

Art. 1: Meaning of the Information

With this Notice, it aims to guarantee users of the site  a full and exhaustive information concerning, in particular, the type of their personal data that will be collected, the methods through which the related processing will be carried out and the purposes for which the latter will be carried out.

It should be noted, as a preliminary, that this Information refers only and exclusively to the processing of data directly taken from the activities carried out by Users on the website. Any data collected by third-party websites, which the User also accesses through links on the reference site, will not be subject to the conditions set out in this Notice.

The Data Controller declines all responsibility for any violations of the rights of the interested parties perpetrated by the managers of third-party sites, or in any case operated through the illegal insertion of malware that collect Users' data illegitimately and in violation of the security measures established.

In particular, this Notice aims to satisfy the parameters of protection of the protection of personal data imposed by the GDPR (EU Reg. 679/2016), henceforth Regulation, with reference to the general basic setting that first Directive 95 / 46 / EC and then the Declaration 2/2001 of the Article 29 Working Party had impressed on the matter.

Providing, through the forms on the site  their personal data, the User expressly gives their consent for the processing of data under the terms and conditions set out in this information on the protection of personal data and for the purposes set out below.


Art. 2: Data Controller

Pursuant to art. 13 of the Regulation, we inform you that the legal person Lago Maggiore Renovations & Consulting srl, assumes the title of Data Controller, who therefore holds the power to process the personal data of the Users directly and to issue directives to the materials in charge of processing. VAT number 02716530031.



Art. 3: Persons in charge of processing


Those who are in charge of the material carrying out of all those activities inherent and necessary for the correct performance of data processing, appointed by the Data Controller, are the Data Controller himself, and the collaborators, Partners, natural persons and third-party companies of the Data Controller.


Art. 4: Personal data

For some of the data collected, the insertion will be expressly requested from the Users themselves and specifically:

  1. First name;

  2. Last name;

  3. Address of residence or domicile;

  4. Telephone number;

  5. Email address.



The Data Controller undertakes, in accordance with the provisions of the circumstances of the case, to ensure that the data are constantly updated.

It should be specified that Lago Maggiore Renovations & Consulting srl may collect the User's personal information from third parties, if the User gives permission to those third parties to share such information.

The information provided by the external third party may be controlled by the User according to the third party's privacy policy.


Art. 5: Processing methods

In compliance with the principles established by the Regulation, the Data Controller guarantees that the processing will be carried out in a fully transparent, lawful and correct way.

The data may be processed with the aid of IT, digital and manual tools of various kinds, as long as they are suitable for guaranteeing security, confidentiality and preventing unauthorized third parties from stealing, disseminating, modifying or in any case having access to the data. To this end, the Data Controller undertakes to adopt adequate technical, physical and organizational security measures.

The data will be processed only to the extent that this is strictly necessary for the pursuit of the purposes referred to in art. 7 of this Notice.

The data will be stored in a form that allows the identification of the interested party only for the period of time strictly necessary for the pursuit of the purposes for which they were collected and subsequently processed, to the extent that the identification of the customer is necessary.


Art. 6: Rights of the interested party

The interested party has full right, upon request sent correctly to the Data Controller / Data Controller, to exercise the following rights:

  •   Right of access: the interested party has the right to request and obtain at any time the communication of all the data stored that refer to him, in order to evaluate the correctness of the data or the lawfulness of the treatment.


The Data Controller undertakes to communicate the data without delay to the interested party who requests it. A delay in communication that must be considered justified in relation to the ordinary practices and timing of the legal traffic spread in the place where the data is processed cannot be considered an integral violation of this right;


  • Right to portability: the interested party has the right to request, within the limits and according to the procedures established by art. 20 of the Regulation, the transmission of a complete copy of their data to be addressed to themselves or to a third party who thus assumes the title of Owner of a further and distinct processing of the data.


The Data Controller undertakes to promptly transmit this copy in a readable, understandable and structured format in such a way as to guarantee its full interoperability. It also undertakes not to place obstacles or constraints of any kind to the exercise of this right of the interested party;


  • Right to rectification: the interested party has the right to request the modification of the personal data being processed by the Data Controller in order to guarantee their constant updating, their correctness and their full correspondence to the truth. The Data Controller undertakes to ensure the timely updating of the data in its possession in accordance with the indications of the interested party.


In the spirit of a relationship inspired by principles of good faith, loyalty and correctness, the interested party undertakes to act promptly in order to request the aforementioned modification, considering the common interest in that the data being processed are truthful, accurate and updated. The same interested party is held responsible for any consequences that may arise from the non-fulfillment of this duty;


  • Right to cancel personal data (or "right to be forgotten"): the interested party has the right to request the timely cancellation of any personal data held by the Data Controller by simply revoking consent, in the forms indicated in lett. e) of this article.


If, on the other hand, the processing of personal data takes place on a basis other than consent, in order to assess the existence of the possibility of exercising this right, it will be necessary to evaluate the recurrence of one of the reasons indicated in art. 17, first paragraph, of the Regulation.


To have full knowledge of the limits set by current legislation to the power of the interested party to request the cancellation of your personal data, please refer to the reading of art. 17, third paragraph, of the Regulations;


  • Right to withdraw consent: to the extent that the processing of data is actually based on the prior release of consent by the interested party, the latter will have the full right to withdraw the consent itself at any time and without the Data Controller being able to place conditions. none to the exercise of this power;


  • Right to limit the processing: the interested party has the right to request at any time that the Data Controller limit the processing process, in relation to personal data concerning him, in accordance with the provisions of art. 18 of the Regulation.

The provisions of art. 18 of the Regulation:

1. The interested party has the right to obtain from the data controller the limitation of the processing when one of the following hypotheses occurs:


  • the data subject disputes the accuracy of the personal data, for the period necessary for the data controller to verify the accuracy of such personal data;


  • the processing is unlawful and the interested party opposes the cancellation of personal data and requests instead that its use be limited;


  • although the data controller no longer needs it for processing purposes, personal data are necessary for the data subject to ascertain, exercise or defend a right in court;


  • the interested party opposed the processing pursuant to article 21, paragraph 1, pending verification of the possible prevalence of the legitimate reasons of the data controller with respect to those of the interested party.


2. If the processing is limited pursuant to paragraph 1, such personal data are processed, except for storage, only with the consent of the interested party or for the assessment, exercise or defense of a right in court or to protect the rights of another natural or legal person or for reasons of significant public interest of the Union or of a Member State.

3. The interested party who has obtained the processing limitation pursuant to paragraph 1 is informed by the data controller before said limitation is revoked.


Art. 7: Purpose of the treatment

The main purposes to be pursued through the processing of data subject of this privacy policy are:

  1. Provide the requested services through ;

  2. Provide customer assistance for any type of request and / or complaint;

  3. Carrying out remarketing (or retargeting) activities, consisting in the analysis of the activities carried out by the User on the website to carry out subsequent advertising activities aimed at specific target recipients defined starting from the aforementioned data;

  4. Carrying out of advertising campaigns, also with the aid of the techniques referred to in the first paragraph, lett. b, of this article, on the main active social networking platforms (for example: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn);

  5. Sending periodic promotional and information communications (newsletters);

  6. Obtaining feedback from the Users themselves following the use of the service, aimed at identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the same.


The promotional activities just mentioned will substantiate, mainly but not necessarily, in the sending of promotional messages to Customers in order to keep them constantly informed about promotions, offers and news, especially if these are compatible with the Customer's preferences that can be inferred from the collection activity. some data.



Art. 8: Recipients or categories of recipients of the data

The data indicated in art. 4 of this Information may be subject to communication addressed to:

  1. Commercial partners, natural persons and / or third-party companies, of Lago Maggiore Renovations & Consulting in order to allow the performance of the service and / or the provision of the service covered by this website;

  2. Subjects specifically indicated in articles 2 and 3 of this Notice.

Furthermore, the data may be disclosed to:

  1. Public and private bodies or competent authorities, in order to fulfill legal obligations;

  2. Companies that deal with maintenance services of IT resources and online services made available to Customers and / or Partners;

  3. Professionals appointed to carry out activities on behalf of the Data Controller, such as Accountants, for accounting assistance, and Lawyers, for legal advice;

  4. Employees and collaborators, for the formulation of the commercial offer and for the execution of the requested and / or agreed contractual services.


Art. 9: Retention period

The data are processed and stored for the time required by the purposes for which they were collected.



  • Personal Data collected for purposes related to the execution of a contract between the Owner and the User will be retained until the execution of this contract is completed.


  • Personal Data collected for purposes attributable to the legitimate interest of the Data Controller will be retained until this interest is satisfied. The User can obtain further information regarding the legitimate interest pursued by the Data Controller in the relevant sections of this document or by contacting the Data Controller.



When the processing is based on the User's consent, the Data Controller may keep the Personal Data longer until such consent is revoked. Furthermore, the Data Controller may be obliged to keep Personal Data for a longer period in compliance with a legal obligation or by order of an authority.


At the end of the retention period, the Personal Data will be deleted. Therefore, at the end of this term the right of access, cancellation, rectification and the right to data portability can no longer be exercised.


Art. 10: Operations that can be carried out by interested parties on their personal data


At any time, the interested party who has communicated their data will be able to access, modify, delete them and limit the processing of the same. Such requests must be sent through the following e-mail address:

If you find a potential violation to the processing of your data, the interested party may also file a complaint with the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (

The persons in charge of the processing, indicated in art. 3 of this Information, undertake to respond to the aforementioned requests and / or communications without undue delay.


Art. 11: Legal basis of the processing


The Data Controller processes Personal Data relating to the User if one of the following conditions exists:


  • the User has given consent for one or more specific purposes; Note: in some jurisdictions the Data Controller may be authorized to process Personal Data without the User's consent or another of the legal bases specified below, as long as the User does not object ("opt-out") to such treatment. However, this is not applicable if the processing of Personal Data is governed by European legislation on the protection of Personal Data;

  • the processing is necessary for the execution of a contract with the User and / or for the execution of pre-contractual measures;

  • the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation to which the Data Controller is subject;

  • the processing is necessary for the execution of a task of public interest or for the exercise of public authority vested in the Data Controller;

  • the processing is necessary for the pursuit of the legitimate interest of the Data Controller or third parties.

However, it is always possible to ask the Data Controller to clarify the concrete legal basis of each treatment and in particular to specify whether the treatment is based on the law, provided for by a contract or necessary to conclude a contract.

Before registering, Users must read this information on the protection of personal data. By clicking on the "Register" button, Users declare that they have read and agree to the provisions of this information.


Art. 12: Changes and additions

The Data Controller reserves the right to provide for the partial or total revision of the provisions contained in this Information at any time, especially if said changes or additions are imposed by the need to adapt to future changes in the legislation.


Users will always have the right to view the updated text and, consequently, to make fully free choices regarding whether to allow the processing itself to continue.


To guarantee the prerogatives of the Users, the Data Controller undertakes not to make use of the unilateral modification right to provide for the inclusion in art. 7 of the same purpose totally incompatible with those originally envisaged.

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